Silicone Sealants Adhesives

Multi-Fix is a major distributor of various Silicone Sealants Adhesives to meet all your requirements


  • Sika Sealants and Adhesivessika sealant



sika adhesives


We stock a large range of Bostik sealants

  • Roof and Gutter silicone (clear,grey,black,white)
  • Kitchen/bathroom silicon (clear,white)
  • Fill a gap white and coloured
  • Construction Adhesive
  • Z-Bond (grey,aluminium grey)
  • Fire rated silicone
  • Ultra grip stud adhesive
  • V60 glazing silicone

We also stock a range of accessories for the sealants

  • Skeleton caulking guns
  • Heavy duty caulking guns
  • Non-drip caulking guns
  • Sausage guns
  • Cordless caulking gun
  • Chemical anchor guns
  • Nozzles

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We also stock silicones and Adhesives from many other brands.


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