Chemical Adhesive

A two part high performing chemical adhesive injection system has low level VOC and provides extended gel working times. The system is the best choice for threaded rod and reinforcing bar to solid base materials such as concrete. Recommended for use in diamond core drilled holes.

• Suitable for dry, wet and water filled holes
• ETA approved for cracked concrete, core drilled holes, rebar and threaded rod
• Fire resistance and Potable Water approval
• Low VOC for green projects
• Seismic C2 Certification



A two part vinylester chemical adhesive styrene free, non sag, fast curing high performance injection adhesive.
BIS-V is suitable for both threaded rod and rebar applications.
• Fast 45min cure at 20ºC dry concrete.
• Suitable for installation temperatures to -10ºC.
• ETA approved for cracked concrete.
• Fire resistance and Potable Water approval.
• Low VOC for green projects.
• C1 Siesmic certification.



A styrene free, medium duty, two part polyester chemical adhesive injection system for anchoring threaded rod & rebar into concrete, hollow brick and block.



A two part high performing vinylester based chemical adhesive system. When the components are combined they form an adhesive mortar, the mixing is achieved during installation of chisel point studs which break the glass and and mixes the two agents together with quartz granules

  • ETA approved Glass Capsule Anchor for Non-Cracked Concrete
  • Anchor Holes can be drilled using Rotary Drill Hammers or using Diamond Drilling Rigs
  • For Installation in Dry or Wet Holes
  • For horizontal, vertical and overhead installation
  • Anchor Range: M8 – M30
  • Rod Material: Carbon Steel 5.8 and 8.8, Stainless Steel A2-70 and A4-70


  • In Non Cracked Concrete
  • Overhead Installation
  • Under Static Load
  • Under Vibratory Load

Typical Applications

  • Infrastructure Construction
  • (Roads, Viaducts, Sound Barriers, Crash Barriers,
  • Harbours, High Rise Construction, Steel Construction)
  • Production Facilities

    (Crane Installation, Robot Installation etc.)


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